Top 6 Best SMS Apps for Android

Are you looking for a way to switch up your Android phone's default SMS app?

There are many great alternatives out there, and thanks to the customizable nature of Android, it's simple to switch over. Look at some of the Top 6 best alternative SMS app options.

This one may or may not be an alternative app for you. That's because specific Android devices ship with Messages as the default text messaging app, like Motorola devices or the Google Pixels.


Pulse SMS offers a unique combination of customization and ease of use. You’ll get all the top-of-the-line features and a beautiful Material Design aesthetic. The service is available for a lifetime monthly or annual subscription.

Pulse SMS

Textra's been around a while, but it's come a long way. It comes with a Bot so you can ask questions about it, but it also has tons of customization options in a super fast package. You can try it out for 14 days without ads and then upgrade to Pro with a single payment.

Textra SMS

Chomp SMS is brought to you by the same folks who made Textra. Why they made two very similar texting apps is anyone's guess, but Chomp is also a great choice.

Chomp SMS

Mood SMS is undoubtedly the most unique of the bunch. Themes go wild in Mood, the settings menu is colorful and bubbly, and the keyboard has animated iOS-style emojis.

Mood SMS

Handcent's Next SMS Messenger does everything you'd expect a modern messaging app to do. You can mark conversations as favorites, archive and blocklist them, back up chats, create shortcuts for them to your Home screen, and more.

Handcent Next SMS Messenger